Crowdcast vs Zoom: Which Is Better For You?[2023]

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This article will assist you in comparing the two tools so that you can make the right decision for your requirements among Crowdcast vs Zoom. Are you looking for a live streaming site to use for your webinars or simulated events?

Chances are you’ve come across Zoom. If that’s the case, you might be wondering how Crowdcast differs.

Crowdcast vs Zoom: Which is better?

Crowdcast can be used for a variety of purposes, including promotional presentations, YouTube viewing, trainings, virtual summits, live podcasts, and more. You still don’t have to think about paying for different plans to get access to those features. Select a schedule and host whatever kind of event you choose. We’re here to help you realize your dreams, not stifle them.

What exactly is Zoom?

Zoom is a business-to-business webinar site for meetings and conferences. Zoom is often used for one-on-one sessions, large-scale online activities, and immersive training. Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinar are the two solutions available. If you want true webinar features, such as Q&A, voting, and multiple panelists, you would have to pay an extra $40 per month for Zoom Webinar.

Crowdcast vs Zoom:

What exactly is Crowdcast?

Crowdcast is a live video network that allows you to organize public activities, interact with your viewers, and broadcast your message to the rest of the world. We value culture here, and we want to assist you in developing yours.

crowdcast vs zoom

What Makes Crowdcast Exclusive?

  • People come first.

Virtual events, according to Crowdcast, are about bringing people together. Unlike Zoom, we’re committed to helping you reach your target audience so they feel like they’re in the same room as you. Our interaction features foster true interactive elements and communication, from user profile images and profiles to time-stamped Q&A and live chat before your case.

There will be no zoom-bombing on this day.

You’ve heard the horror stories: you’re in the middle of a Zoom webinar when someone comes out of nowhere, takes over your presentation, and totally derails your event. You’re already frantically attempting to evict them whilst apologizing to your visitors.

When someone obtains your event link and it is not password-protected, it is known as zoom-bombing, and it occurs frequently. “‘Zoombombing’: When Video Conferences Go Wrong,” as reported by the New York Times in March, is still a problem.

Do you think you can prevent Zoom-bombing by asking users to enter a special code? Reconsider your place. By unwittingly forwarding the event information to someone else, even legal attendees will lead to Zoom-bombing.

You won’t have to think about trolls hacking the case if you use Crowdcast.

All must register in order to attend. Plus, no one can give a presentation unless you invite them on stage.

Many Sessions in a Single Event

Do you want a multi-session virtual experience or an online conference?

You have two choices on Zoom: pay extra for Zoom Webinar, then set up separate Zoom Meetings for each session and assume that everyone logs in correctly. You may also have a Zoom Meeting and use the breakout sessions tool, which allows everyone to be together at the same time on the computer.

You get versatility with Crowdcast. You can organize conferences and multi-session activities under one umbrella event by creating a multi-session event with a single registration page and connection.

You should actually contact customer service.

When you need help with your activities, you can rely on a swift response from our security team at Crowdcast, unlike other channels.

Why do creators choose Crowdcast to Zoom when it comes to Crowdcast vs Zoom?

Here are some of the reasons why people use Crowdcast to host their online events:

  • There is no software to install.
  • With no clumsy downloads, you can get started in seconds. Your audience will participate from any place. Many modern browsers, as well as Android (and iOS) smartphones, are compatible with Crowdcast.
  • a single smart URL that can be customized
  • All is available from a single URL, like registration, the case, and instant replay.
  • Audio recorded in a professional studio
  • You can use our Studio Sound feature to download high-quality stereo audio from either your computer’s microphone or an external microphone. Studio Sound is ideal for live music performances as well as podcasts.

Time-stamped Q&A

Allow attendees to ask questions and vote on their favorites so that you can remain focused on the important stuff. Make a time stamp on your responses so you can go back and review them later.

Landing pages with handing out tickets built-in

Charging people for third-party landing pages is no longer necessary. Customizable search engines are included in Crowdcast. Did we note that you will welcome payments for your activities using the built-in ticketing?

Automatically recorded

You’ve got plenty on your plate already; recording shouldn’t be one of them. With Crowdcast the activities are automatically registered for you. Want to download the video later? We’ve got your back. Do you want to change the recording? That’s correct; you can do it as well.

Multi-destination streaming

Broadcast live on Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, and other social media sites. Reach out to your target customers wherever they are.

Connect to OBS and professional streaming software

Crowdcast RTMP Studio allows you to use Crowdcast with advanced live broadcasting applications such as OBS and Wirecast.

Integrations for advanced features

Crowdcast has what’s called a ‘green room,’ which when you click the button, you can see yourself on the screen, check your hair looks good, lol, make sure lighting is all nice, and test your microphone in. Basically, it’s as if you’re live, but you’re not.

Link Crowdcast with the applications you use in your workflow using our direct integrations with ConvertKit, Drip, Patreon, and Zapier.

THE “GREEN ROOM” is a place where you can relax and unwind.

It is great to have a room right next to your’stage’ to prep in justtt before you go out there to deliver your content, just like T-Swift! Crowdcast has a feature called a “green space,” where you can see yourself on the screen after pressing a button.

This green room is also very useful, as it allows you to test anything from microphones to film. Then, to go online, you just press one button to switch from green to live mode, but the screen remains essentially the same.

There is no green room with Zoom; once you press to launch your Zoom meeting, you are immediately online. To be honest, it is a little more jarring to start too suddenly.


The Zoom room only begins when you press to start the meeting with Zoom, so there is no way for you or your attendees to connect until the meeting goes live.QUESTIONS BOX

Both Crowdcast and Zoom have a section where people can ask questions, but we noticed that several of our Zoom participants were unsure where to look for the questions box and how to use it. We were always leading people.

People would give up trying to instead use the chat to ask questions, which often would get ignored if the chat was going fast with a lot of messages.


The replays were the last straw that cracked the camel’s back and sending us back to Crowdcast.

There is no replay option with Zoom. The webinar video is saved to your account, but you must save it to your computer, upload it as a hidden video to a video hosting platform (such as YouTube), wait for it to upload and process, get the video link, write a new email to your list, insert the link, and send it.

It took a long time to import and upload a big video file, which was usually 1 – 1.5 hours long, so my assistant ended up doing a few hours of work during the webinar that was not necessary.

You should not have to do it about Crowdcast. The same connection that leads to your webinar also leads to the replay. You should specify this in your initial registration email, implying that you do little to distribute replays.

This was our input on Crowdcast vs Zoom.

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