ClearPay Not Working: Here’s How to Fix It Quickly! [2022]

ClearPay Not Working

ClearPay is a popular buy now and pay later service provider which let you pay for your purchase now and return the amount in 4 interest-free instalments. 

The app has been working swiftly until recently when customers started reporting about more than just one or two issues, mostly with the platform’s order and account sections.

If you are also facing the‘ClearPay not working’ problem, we are pleased to inform you that the article written below has plenty of solutions to solve your ClearPay not working problem. 

ClearPay Not Working?

Based on the recent customer reviews and searches regarding ClearPay, it seems that ClearPay has been showing several problems with different parts of its website and app like the account, and orders. 

Why is My ClearPay Not Working?

According to our research, ClearPay is not working due to several glitches on the platform and some technical issues from the main servers.

ClearPay App Not Working?

In case you have received no announcement or notice of the temporary outage of the platform from ClearPay, then you try the common troubleshooting steps mentioned below to overcome this issue. 

Fix 1: Check Internet Connection

Check your internet connection whether it is switched on and receiving enough network connection. If it is not, try switching to any router or Wi-Fi network or take hotspot from another device. 

Besides, you can also restart your device and switch off and on your network connection a few times.

Fix 2: Switch Off the VPN

The ClearPay app will not work as long as your VPN is turned on. So, simply switch off the VPN and try opening the app after obtaining a secured network connection.

Fix 3: Check for Device Compatibility 

If you have recently installed the ClearPay app and it stopped working midway or it is not opening, then maybe the device you are currently using ClearPay on is not entirely compatible with the app. 

Therefore, first check the device compatibility of the app. If it is not compatible, then all you can do is switch to another compatible device.

Fix 4: Force Stop and Reopen the App

If the ClearPay app stopped working or glitched when you were doing something on it then you can try force stopping the app and then reopen it after sometime. 

Fix 5: Clear Cache 

Clearing the cache along with the unwanted data of the ClearPay app will help in the smooth workflow of the platform. Follow the procedure below:

For Android:

  1. Open the Settings app and search for the ClearPay app and open it.
  2. Choose the Clear cache option which will be mostly available at the bottom of the screen.
  3. In case it shows two options like Clear data and clear cache, then only choose the Clear cache option. 

For iPhone:

  1. Turn on the Settings app and choose the General option available on the left side main menu.
  2. Select the iPhone storage option and then search for the ClearPay app and tap on it once found. 
  3. The Offload app option will be available in red colour at the bottom of the data, press on it and then Reinstall the ClearPay app from the App Store. 

Fix 6: Log out and Log in your Account

If the ClearPay app has gathered a huge amount of user data, you can log out and log in your account. Because if you clear your user data, then all your saved files, information and other important things in the app will be cleared and you will not be able to restore anything. 

Hence, logging out and logging back into your account will help in the app’s workflow and you’ll not face small bugs and glitches for a while. 

Fix 7: Uninstall and Reinstall the ClearPay App

Uninstalling and reinstalling the ClearPay app will benefit you by getting rid of the cache and unwanted user data. Thus, uninstall and reinstall the ClearPay app after sometime.

Fix 8: Use Web Version

If the ClearPay app is not working, then its web version may work. Thus, try using the ClearPay web version after logging into your account and use it until the ClearPay app is back in business. 

Fix 9: Look for App Updates

The app may need updates if it is glitching and showing minor bugs or a few of its features and tools are not working properly. To solve this issue, visit the Google Play Store or App Store to download its latest version. 

Fix 10: Wait

If none of the common troubleshooting issues mentioned above worked for you, then you should try waiting for a while and let the get solved on its own.

Fix 11: Contact Customer Service

Visit the ClearPay website and travel to its ‘Help Centre’ page. Tap on the desired option – if you are a customer or merchan and if you didn’t find your issue from the available list of categories, then go back and scroll down to tap on the ‘Get in touch’ button in black to receive more help from the ClearPay customer support. 

ClearPay Other Issues

If you are not facing mere glitches and bugs on the ClearPay app, then you might find your problem along with its fixes in the headlines below.

Why am I not able to add my card to my digital wallet?

To start with, you can add your card to your ClearPay digital wallet only via the app and if you cannot, then have a look at the process below:

  • Search for the in-store tab in the ClearPay app and follow the required instructions to set up the ClearPay card.
  • If you are facing verification errors, then you will need to wait for some hours and then check your digital wallet if the card is updated.
  • If your card is not verified then you will have to delete the card from your digital wallet, wait for around 24 hours and then try to redo the process to set up the card. 

Follow the troubleshooting tips if the above steps didn’t work:

  • Check if the store you are trying to purchase items from accepts Clearpay.
  • Don’t forget to allow the ClearPay card from the in-store tab with every new purchase.
  • Make sure your mobile data is turned on and you can adjust the app settings from the ‘Settings’ app. 
  • Ensure that you have enough balance on your card. 
  • Confirm that the purchase amount is not exceeding the amount you have received pre-approval for.

How to delete my ClearPay account?

To delete your ClearPay account, first, you have to be certain that your account balance is 0 and after that, follow the instructions given below:

  1. Visit ‘My Profile’ page.
  2. Tap on ‘Deactivate account’.
  3. Tell them the reason for deleting the account.
  4. Type in your password to confirm deactivation.

ClearPay will then send you an email about your deactivation being successful.

Why has ClearPay declined my order?

There are many reasons why your order may be declined, and your account may be blocked. For instance, you might not have enough funds in your account and you might have reached your spending limit or currently have many plans opened.

Error: Order Didn’t Go Through

Check whether you have authorised the ClearPay card from the in-store tab of the ClearPay app for new purchases. Also, you’re not allowed to use ClearPay directly from your Google or Apple wallets. 

Error: ClearPay Card not Accepted at this Store

This certainly means that ClearPay or any buy now and pay later service is not available at the store or at that specific store’s location you’re shopping from. 

Error: Insufficient Balance

This error will pop up if your card does not have sufficient balance to shop.

Error: Your Order Didn’t Go Through 

For this error, make sure the purchase amount of the order is lower than the retailer’s maximum purchase value. 

Error: Something’s Wrong

You will get this error if there is an issue with the status of your account. After checking everything if the issue is still not resolved, then you can contact the customer service team to solve it. 

Error: You have one or more Payments Overdue

You will see this error if you have a good set of payments overdue and to shop more and use ClearPay, you first have to clear all the payments then opt for new ones.  

Error: You Have too Many Open Orders

This error means you will not be able to make a new purchase if you have many orders opened in your account. So, to make a new purchase, start paying off orders. 

Final Words 

With this we have given you solutions to various ClearPay not working crises and we hope you found a solution to fix your issue.

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Frequently asked Questions 

What is the maximum ClearPay limit?

The maximum ClearPay limit including shipping can be between £0 to €1500. 

How many orders can I have with ClearPay?

The first timers with ClearPay will get only one order approved in 24 hours. Also, if as a beginner you keep sending approval requests for different brands multiple times, then each time your order will be declined.

Do you need good credit for ClearPay?

No. It will work even if you have a negative rating. 

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