Cash Trip App Review: Legit or Scam? [2023]

Cash Trip App Review

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Cash Trip App Review: Yes, there are many cash apps and games that claim to be offering ways to earn real money. Through these cash apps, you can either play different games or simply opt for the surveys and such tasks to earn — one of the recent ones in talks being the Cash Trip app. 

The Cash Trip app, like any other cash app, claims to offer you a fun way to earn real money – through playing games. Along with that, you will be receiving big rewards with no special skills required for games.

So, is the cash app safe? Is it legit? If you are not so sure about trying the app, then don’t worry because our unbiased Cash Trip App Review mentioned in this article is perfect to tell you if the Cash Trip app is worth a shot or not. 

What is the Cash Trip App?

The Cash Trip app is another cash app that claims to help you earn real money through games like Solitaire and Bingo. 

If you have interest and good skills – even average in playing in the above-mentioned games, then this game has good visual styles with multiple rewards to offer.

Cash Trip App Review

Key Highlight 

Low Investment 

Unlike proper investing programs, the platform doesn’t ask you to invest a big or even reasonable amount, and you can start by investing slowly, with a low amount. 

Exciting Visuals

The visuals of the Cash Trip app are one of the main highlights of the platform – doing a good job of helping you stay motivated and excited to play more and earn more. 

Scam or Legit?

Unfortunately, with all the reviews and experiences we came through on the internet, it is certain that the Cash Trip app is not at all legit and is a complete scam. 

First, it asks you to invest money, then play games to withdraw a bigger amount. 

For some, they had their progress stolen in a moment, some were not able to withdraw the money at all after many tries, and for a few, instead of the money getting deposited, they had money stolen from their accounts. 

In addition to that, many users have mentioned that the customer service of the app is not at all helpful – and in the majority of the cases, you’ll be only trying to get through them with no sort of response in return. 

Moreover, there are just too many withdrawal rules and regulations to agree on – making it quite impossible for you to withdraw happily. 

Therefore, we have reached the clear conclusion that the Cash Trip app is not at all safe to use and invest in. 

Final Words

As you might have already read, the Cash Trip app is not a safe platform to invest in because it has scammed the majority of the users who have tried to invest and earn money by playing bingo and solitaire games.

Hence, we suggest you try some other platform that has a good rating or simply opt for platforms that offer daily missions like surveys. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Cash Trip legit?

No, with all the reviews we have read so far, on trusted platforms like Trustpilot, many users have negatively rated the platform, clearly stating that Cash Trip is not legit at all. 

Is Cash Trip Solitaire and Bingo Legit?

No, Cash Trip Solitaire and Bingo is not legit and is a total scam — said almost all the users who have tried the app. 

Is Cash Trip game Legit?

No, with all the reviews we have found on the internet and the App Store, it’s quite certain that the Cash Trip app is not legit and is a total scam app. 

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