Bluejeans vs Zoom: Which Is Better For You? [2023]

Bluejeans vs Zoom

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Bluejeans vs Zoom – Businesses are searching for innovative and better ways to engage with remote workers all around the world in today’s networking and teamwork landscape. This includes not only investing in high-quality VoIP and dependable audio solutions, but also searching into video conferencing solutions.

When it comes to the most common solutions for companies looking for new ways to take advantage of the advantages of phone calls, meetings, and video connectivity, bluejeans vs zoom is the current discussion. In recent years, the two have been compared a lot, so we figured we might take a look at the goods and features each solution has to offer so you can make a more educated decision about your video needs.

Bluejeans vs Zoom: Introduction

Zoom is a company that specializes in video conferencing, but it offers more than that. There are plenty of other features to investigate as well, such as easy and open interfaces that give users trust in their current UC setup. Until your next industry conference, they could also provide remedies for employee training, online meetings, and video webinars. One of the more recent products on the market is

Zoom vs Bluejeans

Like Zoom, BlueJeans also takes great pride in the world of video conferencing, delivering services like online video meetings, huddle rooms, and event support. BlueJeans also offers social communications features, which allows users to cast content into social media. BlueJeans is a market leader, providing a wide variety of offerings and packages to consumers from all walks of life.

BlueJeans vs Zoom: meeting Room Products

Zoom and BlueJeans both appear to be adept at transforming meeting rooms. If you really need a small defensive line room solution or something larger, either of these vendors can provide the immersive video and audio instant messaging services you require.

BlueJeans Meetings is a convenient and cost-effective way for businesses to get access to corporate video calls with high-definition Dolby audio. Users can communicate immediately with customers and peers on either mobile device, conference room machine, or desktop. BlueJeans Meetings also have the following features:

Bluejeans vs Zoom

Key Features:

  • One-Click Process: You can connect a video call to either Outlook or Google calendar with only one click, without having to type any codes, passwords, or meeting IDs.
  • Collaboration and Screen Sharing: Quickly access your most recent documents and video clicks, or share your home scene.
  • Dolby Voice Audio: Increased, increased sound with fully automated noise reduction
  • Simple Interface: Increase efficiency with a variety of Skype for Business, Workplace, and Slack implementations.
  • Cloud Broadcasting and Recording: Capture and share audio, video, and documentation from meetings.
  • Secure deployment solutions: Ensure stability with a variety of secure deployment options.
  • Users can connect to meetings using Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize, and a variety of other SIP-based room tech services.

Zoom has created a brilliant Meeting room solution for their clients, which they describe as the “ultimate video conferencing and online conferencing facility.” According to 2017 surveys, the company has a net promoter score of 72, which is the highest in the industry. The Zoom Meetings product contains the following features:

Online Meeting Services: Includes HD audio and video support for up to 500 video users, as well as screen sharing and cooperation.

Services provide co-annotation and whiteboarding solutions, as well as an attention indicator system to keep group leaders focused.

Technical support: Easy start and enter features, cause low control features and much more

Zoom integrates into a customer’s existing scheduling system, such as job emails, telephone scheduling, and more.

BlueJeans vs Zoom: Room Products

The BlueJeans Rooms product is designed to help businesses turn every business area into a fully-immersive meeting room with video and audio support. BlueJeans Rooms enable users to communicate with people using either SIP conference room system, as well as users with mobile or desktop computers.

  • Features for wireless screen sharing include: Anywhere in the conference room, show off your laptop screen.
  • Integration of Google and Microsoft Calendars: Establish follow-up meetings that are convenient for everyone.
  • Universal configuration features: The basic interface comes with easy-to-read directions and wrap-up notifications, so there’s no preparation needed
  • Central governance: Customers can remotely control any room in their BlueJeans network and find problems with a live moderator console
  • Support programs include: With the help of the BlueJeans team of global conferencing specialists, you will expand the reach of your IT department.
  • Zoom provides a highly flexible and creative room experience, complete with optimized audio features, flawless camera systems, and wireless content sharing solutions, all based entirely on tech. Zoom Rooms comes with a number of features, including:
  • Anyone can view HD video and audio from their laptop, handheld computer, or other conference system equipment.
  • You may simply present content wirelessly from a smartphone or notebook, without the need for dongles and cables.
  • One-touch session began: Launch scheduled conferencing or text messages on your calendar device with voice commands and one-touch meetings.
  • Management and overview: From a single login, you can view and access any of your meeting rooms.

Zoom’s approach to developing with the Crestron Mercury device makes it simple to attach speakers, tablets, and microphones all in one place. BlueJeans vs Zoom: Plans and Costs

BlueJeans has three different price and kit choices to choose from, including:

This system is designed for small companies and people, and it costs £9.99 per host per month. It provides for meetings of up to 50 attendees, connections from either machine or mobile device, and meeting durations that are limitless. There is also elevated Dolby audio available.

This £13.32 kit, designed for mid-sized businesses, allows for meetings of up to 75 attendees and includes cloud meeting monitoring, a command center dashboard, and historical meeting statistics. My Team can also be linked to HipChat, Skype for Company, and Slack.

My Company, which is designed for business, provides meetings for up to 100 people, as well as room system calendar support, personalized branding capabilities, and unrestricted cloud reporting. There is also a facility for controlling and recording live meetings.

Zoom stands out from its competitors in terms of packaging options. Customers have access to a simple “free” version of Zoom, which many other companies do not have. Zoom’s packages include:

Basic: This is the full alternative of Zoom, which hosts up to 100 participants, offers counseling sessions for up to 40 minutes, and online support. There is no limit to the number of 1-on-1 meetings you can have, and there is no limit to the number of meetings you can attend.

The Pro version of Zoom costs £11.99 a month per host and includes all of the standard functionality as well as unrestricted meeting time, admin features, account support, logging, and 1GB of cloud recording.

The “Business” bundle, which costs £15.99 a month and provides dedicated phone service, a vanity URL, an admin interface, and the option for custom domains, is designed for small to mid-sized businesses.

Enterprise: This kit, designed for bigger businesses, costs £15.99 a month per host and provides 200 users, unrestricted cloud storage, and a dedicated performance manager. There’s even the choice for package discounts on Zoom Rooms and Webinars

Which Do You Choose Between BlueJeans and Zoom?

Both Zoom and BlueJeans often get decent experience from users, and they offer a range of basic accuracy to choose from. Of course, all businesses have a free trial opportunity if you want to check anything out before you purchase.

Whatever option you choose among bluejeans vs zoom, you will find that your improved conferencing system improves collaboration and productivity in your company.

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