Bigbluebutton vs Zoom: Which Is Better For You?[2023]

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Bigbluebutton vs Zoom: The need to communicate with people all over the world through audio and video is growing in an increasingly digital world. Moodle does not have a video conferencing feature, but due to its open-source nature, it can be used with a variety of other software.

Here, we are going to compare two video calling platforms, Bigbluebutton and Zoom. So, let’s differentiate!

Bigbluebutton vs Zoom: Let’s begin!


BigBlueButton is a very common solution that has been installed on nearly 7000 Moodle sites around the world, with more than half of such installations occurring recently on the more recent versions of Moodle (3.5 and above). The Big Blue Button project launched in 2008, and the first plugin was released with Moodle version 1.9, demonstrating their dedication to the Moodle project.

Bigbluebutton vs Zoom

BigBlueButton’s reputation stems in part from the fact that it shares a key belief with Moodle in holding the program open source.

Thanks to their dedicated network of developers, Big Blue Button is actively evolving and launching new features as a result of their open-source existence. A live whiteboard, slides, and built-in polls are among the many cool features included with all of this.

  • Teachers designed it for teachers.

BigBlueButton is a worldwide educational website. It was produced in a classroom rather than a boardroom. It is the first and only interactive classroom designed specifically for students.

It is available in 65 languages, and teachers from all over the world helped develop it. BigBlueButton is constantly expanding to address the new real-world demands of teachers worldwide, thanks to a vast network of developers and businesses offering market support.

Deep LMS Integration

Synchronous learning apps should sound like they are a natural extension of the learning management framework (LMS). Instructure, Schoology, Jenzabar, and D2L all have a native BigBlueButton integration in their LMSs, and Moodle and Sakai all have plugins for deep integration.

For maximum acceptance, BigBlueButton is learning tools interoperability (LTI) 1.0 compliant.

BigBlueButton, is an open source product that allows you to expand your program with add-ons. This makes it ideal for many businesses who want to merge their app with another service. Since BigBlueButton is a web-based program, there is no need to install any extra apps.

BigBlueButton, on the other hand, demands that a server be operating until users can access it through the internet. BigBlueButton is designed for conferences and other immersive experience types for a manageable number of attendees, not for squad or human contact.


Bigbluebutton vs Zoom

Finally, we suggest the Zoom video conferencing program, which we use internally at Titus for online meetings, product demos, and team catch-ups, because it has our seal of approval, as well as that of many others, with over 1000 Moodle installs.

Simply put, Zoom allows you to host web gatherings for up to 300 people and has a variety of useful features such as group chat, simultaneous screen sharing, and immersive backgrounds.

Zoom is a common video chatting platform that is commonly used in technical settings. The contents of the screen will, of course, be shared with other participants.

Zoom also has a talk feature, whiteboarding, breakout areas, and waiting rooms. The free basic version of Zoom only allows for a limit of 40 minutes of use, which is a minor drawback. In addition, an account must be generated in order to use the service.

There are, however, other models that are available for a fee. For the paying models, you can invite up to 500 or even 1000 people and use unrestricted cloud storage. Zoom sent data to Facebook every time the iOS version of the app was released until the end of March, according to, even though the Zoom user did not have a Facebook account. We are unable to evaluate the results.

Zoom vs Bigbluebutton: Final words

When it comes to bigbluebutton vs zoom, Zoom is now very popular and provides an easy and effective solution for many businesses. You must, though, be well-versed in how user data is treated.

BigBlueButton is a very common program that is becoming increasingly appealing to a wider audience. Unfortunately, it is not as simple to use as the competition.

In general, the platforms are identical, but each is distinct in its own way.

One of the many wonderful things in the digital world is the freedom to communicate with people all over the world, and this opportunity expands with the use of a Moodle website and decent video conferencing tools.

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