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8 Best Voice Changers for Chromebook [2024]

8 Best Voice Changers for Chromebook [2024]

In this article we will be talking about 5 best voice changers for Chromebook. However, you need to use an online service or a chrome application extension to use voice changers in Chromebook. And if your Chromebook supports, you can use an android app which is certainly the best choice.

8 Best Voice Changers for Chromebook.

Voice changers are software programs which are capable of changing voice. Their initial purpose was to be used together with a phone intended to cover up for the original voice, however, with the passage of time people have started using voice changers to play pranks or for fun. Now let take a look at 8 best voice changers for Chromebook.

Following are a specially selected list of 8 best voice changers for Chromebook.

Morph VoX

Morph VoX is significantly well-liked software that comes with a lot of amazing features. This is available as both free tool and paid tools. Free version is Morph VoX junior and the paid version is Morph VoX pro.

Well its free version is not ideal for many users as it has some set of limitations imposed on it. There are only 3 types of voices available for the free version; a single kid, female, and kid.

Whereas, MorphVOX Pro has several advanced features that includes many free voices, many free sound packs, many background sounds, advanced voice changing algorithms, and more. Hence, I would recommend the paid version which is Morph VoX pro for better experience as one of the best voice changer for Chromebook.

Another essential feature of Morph VoX is that it allows you to modify recorded audios that are in WAV format.

Key features:  

  • Low CPU usage.
  • You can put together this software without any difficulty with chat programs and online games.
  • Customize feature of mouse and joystick.
  • It has built-in voices and special sound effects. 
  • High quality voice changing facility.


Clownfish is voice changer software that is used to change your voice in any application in your system wherever you are permitted to use microphone. Its installation procedure is very clear-cut and this software does not put a lot of load on the CPU performance.

There are various voice features to select from and now to talk about the best fascinating voices we have male pitch, baby pitch, female pitch, alien pitch and robot pitch.

If you are looking for the trouble-free, consistent and free voice changer then definitely go for Clownfish which is considered as one of the 5 best voice changers for Chromebook.

Key Features:

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Various types of voice effects.
  • Compatible with multiple devices.
  • A voice assistant to convert text to speech.
  • Accessible for both 32 bit & 64 bit versions.
  • Comes with Sound player for sound management
  • Message encryption and translating messages in other languages.
  • Unlike other apps it will not access your personal information.
  • Capable to administer and manage background microphone music.

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Voicemod is simple voice changer software which is able to convert user voice into a male, female, robot, voices. Voicemod is well-matched with approximately all applications, software and games. This tool is exceptionally effortless to use and operates in real time.

Although this software works for discord you can use it with various applications like Skype, Twitch, Chromebook, League of Legends, CSGO, Zoom, Google Meet, WhatsApp Desktop, Minecraft, TeamSpeak and other platforms.

Its Voicelab feature has a wide range of professional voice modifying effects to play with. Once you are done creating, you can share your custom voices with the community and even use it while playing Roblox, Minecraft, Phasmophobia, Cyberpunk, Rust.

Key Features:

  • Integrates perfectly with Stream Deck and Streamlabs OBS.
  • Simple integration within a minute
  • You will be able to easily load sound in WAV or MP3 files.
  • Free to use.
  • Straightforward integrations in less than a minute.
  • Real voice effects as well as voice alteration.
  • plenty of voices and effects
  • Real time voice changer.
  • It has more than 90 different voice effects and sound effects.

RoboVox voice changer

RoboVox voice changer is an android gadget application. It has more than 32 diverse voice styles with pitch modulation settings. This android device application allows you to save your recording.

Modify your voice with RoboVox voice changer software and have it funnier, musical, and scary or like robot

 Key Features:

  • It enables you to create ringtones.
  • You can save and mail your recordings as WAV files.
  • This enable you to share your recordings on an online audio distribution platform called SoundCloud.
  • Voice recording.
  • You can document your voice with no difficulty.

Super voice editor

Super voice editor is an elegant voice changer that records and edits your voice to sounds which are totally unrecognizable. You can easily make edits to your recorded voice and convert it to sounds like a demon, baby and any well-known superhero characters you feel affection for.

This tool can totally change your singing voice to make it sound more in melody and tuneful than it usually would have sounded.

Key Features:

  • MP3 mixer and cutter
  • Audio tuner and editor
  • Voice recorder


Voicemeeter is one the best voice changers for Chromebook. It is a virtual audio device mixer which is capable of managing any audio sources on your Windows PC, this includes audio from any physical input (i.e. microphone) along with the audio from any application (Audio Pro ASIO applications).

This gives you the ability to mix your voice with your browser, videogame, music player, webradio and also with the sounds that comes from any audio DAW like Protools for Skype call, or Cubase, or Ableton Live or any VoIP.

It offers numerous features such as mixing your voice with your music, using 2x USB headset, playing video games in 5.1, making tutorial with your selected audio software, recording conference or interview, and more.

Key Features:

  • It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • It is endowed with Virtual Audio I/O can be utilized as the key audio source by your device.
  • It supports MME, Direct-X, KS, WaveRT, and ASIO Audio Interfaces.
  • It is capable of mixing 3 audio input devices to 3 output devices.
  • It allows you to use different audio applications together.
  • You can also record the performance in live with your selected DAW.

AV Voice Changer

AV Voice Changer is one of the professional voices changing platform which provides unlimited hours of fun. You can easily get access and alter or change every characteristic or pitch of your voice. It has a huge library of sound effects such as higher voice, deeper voice, more masculine or feminine, younger, older, or change in any way you want to.

You can create your own unique voice and can change or modify or update it anytime or anywhere you like. Along with Chromebook, it’ll also allow you to change your voice in various other platforms such as Skype, Twitch, Zoom, Google Meet, Discord, and much more. AV Voice Changer Diamond is a paid version that costs $99.95 per year.

Key Features:

  • With its numerous voice effects, you can create several unique voices.
  • You can be able to change your voice in real-time and also in waveform editing.
  • You can cut/split/copy/modify your voice messages, audio stories, and even music remix projects.
  • 70 background voices, 40 plug-in audio effects, 30 voice effects, 17 non-human voices and more.
  • Easily convert and renovate set of audio files at the same time.
  • Its voice analyser feature lets you to analyse harmony, pitch, brightness, and score of your voice.

Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer is one of the best voice changers for Chromebook specially designed to improve or enhance any application or game or any other platform which uses a microphone. You can be capable of changing your voice into several different way by combining or adding effects such as echo and pitch.  It is perfectly integrated with various programs such as CSGO, TeamSpeak, Rainbow Six Siege, Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Discord, and more.

You don’t require to particularly modify any settings or configurations in other programs as Voxal Voice Changer works behind capturing audio from your microphone beforehand it goes to your applications. You can simply download the application and start creating your own voice distortions within a few minutes.

Key Features:

  • It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • You can create voices for online video games, podcasts, and avatars.
  • Voice effects library has voices such as girl, boy, atmospheric, robot, echo, alien, ethereal, and much more.
  • You can even apply voices to already existing voice files or pre-recorded voice files.
  • One of the best voice disguisers for the secrecy over the internet or radio.
  • It seamlessly works with various other applications and games.
  • Low CPU bandwidth usage which will not restrict the performance of other running applications.

Conclusion: Voice changer you prefer to utilize should be able to offer a broad choice of voices to change and choose from. Even though there are many voice changers to use, I have only listed 8 best voice changers for Chromebook. So make sure to choose the best voice changers for Chromebook which will be easy to install and use and also use less CPU bandwidth.


Can you get a voice changer on Chromebook?

Yes. There are bunch of voice changers for Chromebook.

How to use voice changer on Chromebook?

You can either use an online service or a Chrome app/extension.

There any voice changer on Chromebbok?

Yes. If you can install applications on your Chromebook and also it depends on the microphone your Chromebook has.

Are voice changers illegal?

It depends on the objective of your usage. If you use it for fun then it is completely legal. But if you use it to commit any crime then it is considered as illegal.

Are there any free voice changer?

Yes. They are numerous number of free voice changers.

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