500 IQ Tips to Find Imposter in Among Us!

tips to find imposter in among us

Need some pro tips to find Imposter in Among Us? Sometimes, it is not easy to find Imposter in Among Us. Hence, we come up with the best pro tips to find Imposter in Among Us.

Nowadays, everyone wants to become a detective to find the impostor, but sometimes it is quite difficult to catch the impostor in Among Us.

Tips to Find Imposter in Among Us

Below are the some best pro tips for finding Imposter in Among Us.

1. Use the Admin Map

You can easily find the imposter using the map in Admin.

First, you need to go to Admin, open Admin Map. Now, you can see the location of each member on the map. To find the impostor, you must focus on the location of each member. If someone is teleporting direct one room to the another room, it means he is venting.

Ex. You can see each member’s location on the Map, if Imposter is venting to Electricity to Medbay and Security, you can see the clear signs on the Map.

However, you cannot see the impostor’s name. In this case, you have to manually go to Medbay and find who is venting. If you can find out who is venting, call the emergency meeting and let everyone know the who is Imposter.

You need to be careful at the Admin because there is vent, so there is a huge chance Imposter can kill you and vent.

2. Security Cameras

You can also easily find the imposter using Security Cameras. First, you must go to Security, here you can see the 4 cameras. Now, check the movement of each member. If Imposter kills someone or vent, you can clearly see who is Imposter.

Be careful in Security because it is the second dangerous place after Electric.

Then call the emergency meeting and tell everyone who an imposter is.

3. In Emergency Tasks

Another way to find an imposter is the Emergency task. Ex. You can find the impostor when the reactor is melting, you can notice who is not doing reactor or who is not there.

If you can figure out who an imposter is call the emergency meeting and tell everyone.

4. Visual tasks

Visual Tasks is also a way to find the impostor in Among Us. We can see visual activity when some task is running, like scanning, trash.

You can easily find safe crewmates by observing visual tasks. After that, you can calculate who is safe and who is not.

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5. Safe Crewmates

You can find safe crewmates by following the above tips, after it you need to stick with them till the end of the game. Now, you can easily predict who is left.

You should avoid exploring alone, especially in electricity and security because these are very dangerous places, Imposter can easily kill and vent here.

6. Tasks

When Imposter is faking the task, you can clearly see that there is no progress on the taskbar. Now, you can understand who is an imposter.

7. Activity notice

You can also easily find the imposter if you notice some suspicious activity while playing the game. Ex. Sometimes, Imposter uses Sabotage to lock the doors and to create emergency. At that point, they simply stop to use the Sabotage button.

You can also notice some activities during meetings like often Imposters are too quite in the meeting.

Noticing these little suspicious activities can find the imposter immediately.

These are all the tips to find imposter in Among Us. You can also share your favorite trick to find an imposter in the comment section below.


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