11 Cool Apps Like Hoop to Make New Friends!

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Hoop may be one of the best apps to make new friends and grow your community on Snapchat, but you can also try out these similar Apps like Hoop to make new friends on Snapchat.

However, any application can substitute real-life communication. It is up to you to choose the best app based on your preferences.

What is Hoop?

Hoop is a platform where you can make new friends and discover new cultures all around the world. You can have control over the conversation and accept or decline a request when someone sends you a request. 

When you decline, they’ll not let them know that you have declined their request.

Although there are very few Hoop alternatives available around the web, we have tried our best to find similar and closest apps to Hoop.

Yubo: Make Friends & Go Live


Yubo is a social media platform where you can easily make new friends all based on your interests through live-streaming and trustworthy interactions. 

You can make friends from your local community or even across the world and go in social in no time via live chat. You can turn on your camera and video chat by trying out the new filters from Snapchat.

It is entirely free. However, if you want additional advantages, you can power up with their power pack. 

You can share more fun moments with your friends as you can listen and watch to all your favorite content directly from YouTube. 

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Key Features

  • Every live streaming session can host up to ten streamers with a limitless number of users.
  • Swiping feature lets users swipe on others’ profiles with the same age.
  • It uses face recognition and age-prediction technology in every photo.
  • Users can select to see only profiles with certain gender and location.
  • Available in 9 languages, including English, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, French, Norwegian, and Finnish.
  • Use the chat feature to talk to strangers or to reconnect with older people.
  • It assists you in discovering friends with the same interest as yours.


apps like hoop

With the Spotafriend app, you can quickly connect and meet new people around you. Swipe pictures of other people within your area, swipe right on people who share similar interests and become friends.

With a single swipe, ask your friends to go out, meet in the real world! If you both accept, you get a match! Then you can instantly start chatting privately.

It’s all about discovering and connecting with interesting people in areas beyond your school or community safely and securely.

Key Features

  • Swipe right on the people with similar interests as yours.
  • If two members have swiped right on each other’s profile, they become friends instantly.
  • As a location-based app, it’ll only show people around your location.
  • Start chatting immediately after finding a match.



Wink is one of the best apps like Hoop to make new friends all over the world. All you need to do is check out each person’s profile, decide if you think they can be a fun new friend, and then swipe right and start a conversation with your possible new bestie.

Within the Wink messenger, you safely send messages, GIFs, photos, voice messages, icebreakers, and even play games. 

You can earn gems and send them to a friend, or you can use the gems to purchase a new background for your profile. You’ll also have the option to add your new friend on Snapchat.

Key Features

  • Swipe left and right through several unknown faces across the world or from your own country.
  • Express yourself by using your Wink profile.
  • Add up to 6 photos of yourself, add your unique interests, a bio that expresses more about you, and record a voice intro.
  • Send messages, icebreakers, audio messages, photos and GIFs.
  • Find friends according to your interests and hobbies.
  • Earn gems and use them to send a friend request
  • Has several casual games to play with friends.
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perp hoop alternatives

With Purp, you can make new friends from all over the world. As your Snapchat username will be private, you get to decide who can see it and who you want to be friends with.

You can refuse every request you get or simply add everyone to Snapchat! Remember that you’ll be banned if you post any inappropriate content or try to bully someone.

Key Features

  • Swipe right to ask your new friends for their Snapchat username.
  • Get notified when someone accepts your request.
  • You’ll require gems to ask for Snapchat usernames.


wizz similar apps like hoop

Through Wizz, you get a fun and spontaneous way to meet new friends. Just like any other app on this list, Wizz also uses a similar swipe interface. 

That means swipe right on people you want to be friends with. Scroll accounts and easily select and choose whoever you want to connect with. If both users agree to be friends, they can chat among themselves!

Every profile comprises a short bio, pictures, and interest tags. Share videos, pictures, and GIFs over your private chats and also play games with your friends.     

Key Features

  • Swipe right on people you want to be friends with.
  • It connects people with common interests.
  • Ability to create larger group chats
  • Find or meet new friends by scrolling through a live feed of other users. 
  • Chat with your new friends and engage in crazy challenges.
  • By adding more information, get access to other user’s profiles.
  • Ability to play games with friends.
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Z: Make Friends on Snapchat


Swipe right on people you want to be friends with, and swipe left to pass. As your Snapchat username will be private, you get to choose who can see it and who you want to be friends with.

Have fun making new Snapchat friends across the world! Since you get a limited number of rubies to swipe, carefully choose people you really want to talk.

By checking in regularly and getting your other Snapchat friends to join ‘Z: Make Friends on Snapchat’, earn more rubies.

Key Features

  • Swipe right to ask your new friends for their Snapchat username.
  • Limited rubies to swipe right.
  • Earn more rubies by getting your Snapchat friends to join or by checking in daily.


swipr apps like hoop

It is the best app to make new friends across the world. You can even make more friends on Snapchat with Swipr, all you need to do is connect your Snapchat account and swipe right according to your interests or hobbies and begin to meet new friends.

Open your chatroom to chat or share photos instantly on Swipr to better get to know your new friends. 

You can also obtain diamonds by interesting mini-tasks and also unlock more convenient friend-making functions. Even though it is a free app you can subscribe to its paid version for better experience.

Key Features

  • Connect your Snapchat account and swipe right on the people with similar interests.
  • Open your chatroom and send messages and share your photos instantly.
  • To get more attention, express yourself on the HMU page.

LMK: Make New Friends


LMK is one of the best apps like Hoop, where you can make new friends in several ways and can talk, chat or hang out with people who have the same interest as you. 

It is a free-to-download app, and you can also subscribe to its premium feature for some advanced features.

If you don’t intend to purchase LMK premium, you can just continue using and enjoying LMK for entirely free. Create your LMK profile by posting to the community feed to show your true self. 

You can also dop-in on audio rooms and talk to a group of people.

Key Features

  • Connect with people who have similar interests.
  • Swipe left and right through profiles across the world or from your own country.
  • Drop in on audio rooms and talk to a group of people.
  • Instantly chat or call with people who share the same interests as yours.



With Facebook, you can connect with friends, family, and even with tens of millions of people or groups who share the same interests as you. 

You can be able to watch your favorite content, buy and sell items, have private communication, or just spend time with your community.

Share what’s on your mind or proclaim major life events via posts and celebrate the everyday moments with stories. Find out all types of events that’s happening near you, local groups, businesses to support and activities to be part of. 

Discover all kinds of content from original shows to creators to rending videos in several topics such as sports, beauty, information, and entertainment.

Key Features

  • Connect with family and friends and even discover new people on your social media platform.
  • Share videos, photos, and your favorite memories.
  • Follow your favorite websites, artists, and companies to get the latest news about them.
  • Get notification when your friends like and comment on your posts.
  • Play games with any of your friends.
  • Discover local events and make plans to meet up with friends.
  • Check out local businesses to see pictures, reviews, and operation hours.
  • Set status updates.
  • Have complete control over your photos and privacy settings.
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snapchat use as a hoop alternative

You can also use Snapchat as Hoop’s alternative, with Snapchat you can easily stay in touch with your friends and group with live messaging, group stories, and you can even make new friends across the world. 

It opens right to the camera, so you can be able to send a snap in just a few seconds.

All you need to do is take a photo or video, add a caption and share it to your friends. Every friendship has its own special profile to see the moments you’ve saved together. 

Discover new things that you have in common such as astrological compatibility, streaks score and more.

Key Features

  • Connect with friends via live messaging or share your day with Group Stories.
  • Try its new lenses everyday that are created by the Snapchat community.
  • Share your location with your friends.
  • Find out things you have in common with your friends and view how long you’ve been friends, compatibility, astrological and your bitmoji.
  • Save limitless photos and moments of all your favorite moments.
  • Check what your friends are up to on your personalized map.
  • Discover exclusive news, breaking news and original shows.



Kik is more than just a messaging platform. You can easily connect with your friends, stay in the loop, explore and even have one-on-one conversations. 

You can also meet new friends with similar interests and share videos, photos, games, GIFs, and much more.

It is available for free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The most important thing which makes Kik the best app is that it does not require your phone number to log in; all you need is your email address and simply start sending messages.

Key Features

  • Share photos, games, GIFs and more.
  • Personalize audio notifications with various tones and receive them when someone messages you.
  • Invite family or friends through SMS, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Join public groups according to interest with up to 49 other participants.
  • Play games with bots or real friends.
  • Search groups by Hashtag.

The Bottom Line

What did you choose? Which is the best application? Well, it all depends on your needs, preferences, and requirements. 

If you have any other queries regarding Apps like Hoop, let us know in the comment section below.

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