6 Lit Apps like Wizz to Make New Friends! [2022]

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Apps like Wizz: In today’s world, humans and apps – the population of both are increasing. If we look out on the app front, today one app has approximately 10 to 20 alternatives to be used as substitutes for each other.

In this article, we are going to talk about the closest alternatives out of many of Wizz. In one sentence, the Wizz app is a socializing app used for making new friends and connecting with them via chat and video call.  Life without friends is life not lived at all. Hence, we are bringing the best out of many alternatives of wizz to help you make more new friends.

By the end of the article, you will get the 6 best apps that work similarly to Wizz in all the details possible.


yubo apps like wizz

Yubo is an alternative app like Wizz. While using Yubo you can make new friends and chat with them similar to Wizz. Yubo has many more features with chatroom being the major one. Yubo is a fun platform for friends to talk and chill.

Yubo is France based application with more than 10 million downloads across various platforms like Appstore and Google play store.

What’s Inside?

  • Yubo offers online streaming where one can start a live video chat and connect with friends up to 10 people at once similarly how Wizz offers.
  • This app also offers party games to play with friends and also offers a platform to interact, sing, dance, and do much fun together.
  • This app’s Chat features offer to connect you with old friends as well create new ones same like Wizzo app.
  • This app also offers a community for the different categories namely beauty, yoga, music, sports, and much more.
  • This app also allows youtube streaming facility with different lenses to click photos, enjoy watching youtube with online friends and offline too.
  • It has a unique category of games namely Would You Rather? , QnA game, Truth or Dare, guessing pictures to play and enjoy with friends, and much more.
14 Best Apps Like Yubo to Make Friends [2022]



Wink- make new friends is a platform like Wizz which offers to make new friends and communicate with them. Wink has a unique feature of swiping like dating apps by which you can swipe to make a new friend or not.

Wink app is offered by 9 Count which is being downloaded for more than 1 million people around the globe. It is a teen supporting platform to make teens more engaged with new people and new friends.

What’s Inside?

  • The most fascinating feature of Wink is the Swipe feature offered to make new friends by just swiping right to their faces. It works basically like dating apps where you can see their profile with the bio feed where they describe their liking and disliking to make friends or not.
  • It offers the fastest messaging service within the app like Wizz. It offers a platform to chat, send photos, stickers, GIFs, and also audio messages to your friends and groups.
  • It also has the feature of earning gems every day. Gems can be used for sending a friend request to someone new or sending an arrow back for not missing someone in the queue.
  • It is a safe platform to use because of its no adult content policy which makes it trustable for making friends. But yet they say to be cautious when you share photos, full name, personal details, and much more.



LMK is another socializing app like Wizz which is produced by Lightspace Inc from California. This app contains ads and in-app purchases for the users.

LMK is downloaded by more than  10 million people worldwide and is valid for people above 17 years.

What’s Inside?

  • LMK Community offers a platform to make new friends and chat and hang out with those who share similar interests like them.
  • It offers drop-in audio rooms where people can talk to a group of people and also has the feature of sending gifts via audio rooms.
  • It also has a simple feature like Wink of Swiping right to make new friends.
  • It also has the feature of making a first impression via making a user profile containing their likes and dislikes with their photos to make it easy for others to approach them.
  • This app has the policy of making and building the safest and positive platform for their users who used to feel lonely in this immensely huge world.
  • It has a simple and decent user interface to make new friends and chat with people like Wizz.


Spotafriend is a kind of crazy and funny Wizz alternative, to make new friends and socialize in this world. Spotafriend is currently downloaded by more than 2 million teenagers from different corners around the globe.

Spotafriend is invented by FunTeenApp and has a content rating for teenagers. Spotafriend is ranked #1 by google play store for making new friends and socializing.

What’s Inside?

  • Spotafriend is quite famous in terms of buzzing around the trendy world today.
  • Daily Telegraph also quoted Spotafriend in one sentence like swipe for mates but not dates. This statement clarifies the app in a way where it is seen that this app is not a dating app but an app to make new friends like Wizz.
  • This app is updated every month and is free to use and download.
  • It is a safe app to chat and make new friends without being afraid of people judging you because the population of the app is teenagers same as you.


Swipr is similar to Wizz and works just the same kind as Wizz does. This platform is used for making new friends, connecting with old friends, and creating their unique group of friends.

What’s Inside?

  • Swipr has a unique partnership with Snapchat which allows you to make new friends using the same.
  • It has swiping feature like many other apps to make new connections and approve friend requests.
  • This app allows users to connect with people, talk and chat with them, know their small list of interests.
  • This app also allows you to connect with your friends on other social media too by sharing users’ IDs.
  • Swipr allows the pre-chat feature of a chat room to talk with real friends to whom you can add on Snapchat after the cha is done and you both have to build a good connection to carry forward.


Snapchat is the topmost priority to chat with friends and send them unique photos from a snap camera with amazing filters.

Snapchat is produced by Snap Inc. from Venice CA. Snapchat is being downloaded by more than 100 million people around the globe and is very popular among youth and teens.

What’s Inside?

  • Snapchat allows people to add friends via their email id, phone number, and unique usernames and snapcode i.e. bar code.
  • It also offers a snap sending feature, where you can send a disappearing picture by opening it once.
  • It also offers the privacy of chats by informing about the screenshot taken among friends and group chats.
  • It also offers a unique sticker collection that can be customized like the real personality of their customers under the application name- Bitmoji.
  • By using Snapchat, you can see their status stories, snaps, texts, you can also call and video call and group call all your friends like Wizz app.
  • It also offers reels and Snapchat original corner where you can find shows to binge-watch.
  • It also combines friend bitmoji and your own to make friend emoji where you both can be a part of each other’s sticker collection.

Final Verdict: Apps like Wizz!

In one final sentence, there are bundles of many alternatives of Wizz, the list simply doesn’t end here. The apps presented in this article are the closest substitute according to us which may help you to use alternatives of Wizz.


Is Wizz a hookup app?

Wizz is socializing apps to make new friends but it is not an adult app or hookup app.

Are there any apps like Yubo?

Yes. This article shows the best similar apps out of many like Wizz namely Yubo, Snapchat, Swipr, Wink, LMK, Spotafriend, and much more.

Who owns the Wizz app?

Wizz app is owned by the CEO – Dustin Dean Kronsbein.

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