6 Apps like Reface to Make Face Swap Videos [2023]

Apps like Reface

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Apps like Reface: Do you want to go along with the trends and try the Reface app? Maybe the app is not working for you – so do you want to know our list of apps like Reface?

Have you always wanted to see yourself on television instead of the favorite protagonist or antagonist? Have you always wanted to see how you look in inaccurate costumes? Have you always wanted to know how your expressions would be when you are acting?

Everything mentioned can be done with the help of the Reface app. So what is Refresh? Refresh is a studio of creative hyper-realistic gives and videos where you can swap your faces with others or others’ faces with each other.

The app is perfect if you wish to swap your face with your favorite celebrity, movie character, video character, historical figure, and more. The type of character in the video does not matter. With just one click, you will see your face in place of the character’s face.

However, this feature may not work for everyone! As it is one of the best AI face swap apps – probably the best face swap app, you might find a lot of glitches and sorts of things interrupting your face swapping procedure. In this case, you are required to search for reface alternatives that will help you with the same technique and easy procedure.

So keep on reading where we help you out and give you a list of Similar Apps like Reface.


Facemagic is one of the best apps like Reface which let you swap faces in any photo, video, or gif within mere moments.

With the help of AI Technology, swapping faces with Facemagic is an easy job and there is no limit as to how much you can use the app.

Swap faces with celebrities from famous movies and TV shows. See yourself in the age of your favorite actor or actress. You can access a lot of features for free.

And it has a feature that allows you to customize face swaps. You can download it on your device through the App Store or Google Play Store and it works in almost all types of models.

The app is free to use but has a paid pro version, in case you wish to upgrade your account and want to access advanced features.


Snapchat reface alternative

Snapchat is a multimedia instant messaging application and service launched in September 2011 by Snap, Inc – originally known as Snapchat Inc. You can access it in 37 languages.

Although Snapchat is not primarily for face swapping, it has a lot of features that will swap your face with different people.

You can either swap your face with your friends or relatives – the person who is sitting next to you. Or you can swap your face with any animal like a cat, dog, fish, and more.

Recently, trends, where you can transfer your face into a barbie face or cartoon character, were in demand. Due to the filter’s accuracy, the trend was quite famous. On Snapchat, you will find a lot of options for face swapping and more.

You can download Snapchat on both IOS and Android devices. It is free to use and almost all the features are free of cost.

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Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live apps like reface

Face Swap Live is another best app like Reface that allows users to swap faces with different people in real time. With the help of your device’s camera, you can swap faces with either the person who is next to you or with someone in a video or picture.

It is produced by Laan labs and was launched on 14th December 2015. While you can swap faces frequently, the lab also allows you to create videos with a good set of live features.

Face Swap Live app is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. You are required to pay a certain amount to download the app and use its free features.


FacePlay apps like reface

Face play is an app that allows you to insert your face or anybody else’s face into someone else’s face. You can swap faces with your loved ones or help them swap faces with a celebrity or any other person in pictures.

When you switch on the Faceplay app, you will notice a good variety of face-changing video templates for short videos. You can click on any template and with just one click – swap faces.

The app is available to download for free on all devices. You can use it on any cell phone and tablet. Face place is the best Reface alternative for face swapping.

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Face Swap Booth

With the help of Face Swap Booth, you can swap faces with anyone in any type of photo. Just use the camera of your device to swap faces in real pictures or you can swap faces with anyone present in your camera gallery.

The app is free to download on Google Play Store and Apple Store for free. With a few settings altered with one click – you will swap faces with the person you want. The face swap booth will help you with advanced automatic editing to make an accurate Face Swap.


Instagram is a worldwide famous social media platform. You might be thinking, why is it ranking in our list? Because Instagram has a lot of filters featured on its platform. With the help of those filters, you can swap faces easily.

Similarly, like Snapchat, Instagram will allow you to swap faces and click a picture and save it. You can swap faces with the person sitting next to you or anyone from your gallery. There are a lot of filters present where you can swap your face with different animals, birds, and celebrities.

It is free to use and you can install it on Android devices as well as iOS devices on almost all versions.


The above list not only contains similar apps like Reface but also better apps than Reface. Why? Although Reface is the most popular app for swapping your face, it might not work for everyone. In that case, if you use other Reface alternatives present in the above context, you might find they are apps better than Reface.

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Frequently asked Questions

Which are apps like Reface but free?

Facemagic, Faceplay, Snapchat and Instagram can be included in the list of apps like Reface but free.

Which are the best face swap apps?

Faceplay, Face swap booth, Facemagic, Reface and Face swap live are a few of the best face swap apps.

Which are the Reface Alternatives?

Face swap booth, Facemagic, Snapchat, Instagram, and Face app live are a few of the best Reface alternatives. Finding Reface alternative is quite hard – so the above-mentioned list will help you just Right.

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