11 Photobooks Apps like Groovebook to Check Out! [2023]

apps like groovebook

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Apps like Groovebook: Is Groovebook shutting down? How about you try other Photobooks apps like Chatbooks, and recently, FreePrints Photobooks with better Services?

Groovebook is shutting down, and people are sad about it. They would love to get a Groovebook alternative or other apps like Groovebook for printing the highest quality photos for themselves.

Hence, in the article below we present to you – we’ll let you know what are Photo Books, what is Groovebook, why are they used, why Groovebook is shutting down, and what are other apps like Groovebook.

What are Photobooks and How do they work?

A Photobook application or website will help you print down the photos from your system – Mobiles and PCs into high-definition pictures. You can customize your own photo book with the help of these apps.

Photo books might not be everyone’s choice but when you want to enlighten the mood of your house, especially when you wish to recall the old times when days were the best – you can remember them with the help of photo books.

Photo books might act as some common books on a shelf with no attention for days and months. But, when we remove them and have a look inside – we feel happy and like smiling at the memories we have with our loved ones.

Photobook creating software is usually easy to handle, all you have to do is download the application, get access to photos from your Gallery and start loading. Once you are done, you can print them down in high-quality resolution and add them to your Photobooks.

What was Groovebook?

With only $2.99 each month – Groovebook was a mobile application to help you print about 100 photos from your smartphone and create a 4.5 x 6.5 Photobook.

The Photobook would be mailed to your address each month. The cost of $2.99 will include the cost of the photobook, shipping, and handling too.

However, because of some reason – Groovebook is not working anymore and it will probably continue till 8 April 2020. After that, Groovebook services will end.


chatbooks apps like groovebook

Do you recall how hard it was to print your photos from your phone? But, with the Chatbooks application, the struggle has come to an end! You can customize your own photo book, download them and print them down by following a few easy steps.

Customers of Chatbooks have said the process is easy. You can prioritize your favorite photos and their quality. The application has over 100,000 5-star reviews with their customers being entirely satisfied with the application.

Key Features

  1. By printing photos from Chatbooks, you can remember the good times you had.
  2. By printing photos from books, the environment of the family will improve. Whether It is about a newly married couple or a couple with kids who would love to know how their parents looked when they were newly married, high-quality prints will enlighten the mood.
  3. Photo books by Chatbooks are not only encouraging for kids but also pass on an emotional, strong feeling towards adults.

Cost: Chatbooks have a subscription plan costing only $5 each month. The pricing starts from $15 for a 30-page photo book. Chatbook gives free shipping.


mixbook groovebook alternative

Mixbook is an online software for scrapbooking. Along with Scrapbooking, you can create Photobooks, Photocards, Calendars, and Yearbooks with a few easy steps.

Mixbook is known as one of the best overall online printing service providers that have good styles to choose from with reasonable rates allotted.

Key Features

  1. With the Mixbook editor toolbar, you can make alterations in your photos like boosting the color, emphasizing the contrast, brightening the photos, etc
  2. You can flip your photos with just one click.
  3. Change the look of your photos by using filters.

Cost: the pricing starts from $15.99 and with styles varying, the pricing ends at $174.99.



If you have something professional to sell like – Professional photo books, trade books, ebooks, or magazines, and if you are a creator looking for a place to sell these professional things, then Blurb can be of your help.

Eileen Gittins established it in 2005 and Rix Kramlich is its current CEO. Reischling Press, Inc is its main supporter and parent company.

Key Features

  1. Blurb acts as the best mediator between the creator and consumer.
  2. You can both sell and explore unique products on the website.
  3. If you have ideas, let Blurb share them with the world – as it is one of the leading platforms in the printing industry currently.


  • Self-publishing a book – $100 to $6000.
  • Photobook – $2.95 to $7.95

FreePrints Photobooks

FreePrints Photobooks

Who doesn’t love Photobooks? Photo Books give proof that we have lived better times. With FreePrints Photobooks, you can create your customized photo books with a few easy steps.

FreePrints Photobooks is free and the process of making photo books with the help of FreePrints Photobooks is easy. You can create a photo book every week, every month, and every year for free with no subscriptions and commitments.

Key Features

  1. FreePrints Photobooks gives free shipping.
  2. You can find a good variety of styles in Photobooks available at FreePrints Photobooks.
  3. Size does not have a limit, from smallest to biggest – 20×30 is available.

Cost: the cost starts from $2 for US residents and $3 for other countries with postage counted.



The Motif is specially established for Apple devices. With Motif, you can create high-quality Photobooks, Calendars, and Cards. It is an Apple-approved application available on macOS and iOS.

All stories are unique. With the help of Motif, you can customize your Photobook and album. Hardcover sizes and softcover sizes are both available.

Key Features

  1. Apple-approved brand for personalizing Photobooks.
  2. Top-notch Printing services.
  3. Created to especially serve Mac.
  4. Reasonable prices.
  5. Unique styles are available.


  • $12.99 for a Softcover Photobook.
  • $27.99  for a Hardcover Photobook.
  • $22.99 for a 12-month Photo Calendar.



Do you wish to do something different with the photos inside your iPhone camera roll? Maybe bring them into a magazine? Recently applications here, specially made for iPhones, can be suitable for this case.

The application is best if you wish to present your photos in the form of Magazines. So, with Unique styles and touches, you can personalize your magazine into something better and more beautiful.

Key Features

  1. Recently is an application, which you can download it on your device.
  2. You can pull photos from your mobile into magazines within a few minutes.
  3. Downloads for printing are free.
  4. If you wish to sell your ideas – every Recently member has their own collection known as a catalog that is sellable.


  • Monthly 12 magazines/year = $12.99/month.
  • Quarterly 4 magazines/year = $14.99/quarter



Snapfish provides digital photo printing services. With Snapfish, you can create Photo Canvas prints, customized Photobooks, Greeting Cards, Invitations, Print pictures, and more.

Snapfish is a website that is owned by Shutterfly, based in San Francisco, California. Apart from America, the application has launched its software in Australia as well.

Key Features

  1. You can access the cloud storage with Snapfish. The access is free and unlimited.
  2. There is no such term as a subscription. No fees are charged whatsoever.
  3. You get the shipping within 10 days after the order.
  4. The feature of auto-crop is allowed. Pictures at Snapfish are easy to edit.

Cost: the cost starts from 0.9 cents and increases more as you alter the sizes and such.

FreePrints Photo Tiles

FreePrints Photo Tiles is a tailored wall craft provider. You can customize your photo which you would like to see printed and stuck on your house wall.

FreePrints Photo Tiles is affordable and the process of printing your photos with the highest quality availing and sticking it to your wall has become easy.

Key Features

  1. Photo panels from FreePrints Photo Tiles are lightweight.
  2. Photo panels can be stuck on the walls with not much hustle – no nails and hammers requested.
  3. Removing the panels from the wall is just as easy as sticking them onto it.
  4. Panels are easily movable.

Cost: FreePrints Photo Tiles give free tiles every month. If you wish to add more to it – that will cost you $9 for each.



Shutterfly is one of the best apps like Groovebook which is a digital photo creator website. With it, you can create Wall art, photocards, invitations, personalized photo prints, photobooks, and more.

Whether you want to stick a picture of your wedding on the biggest wall of your house or create a Photobook for your kids to witness your happy moments, you can do everything at Shutterfly.

Key Features

  1. Shutterfly’s website has new and trendy styles that give amazing chic and modern vibes.
  2. You can personalize the thing – add your touch to it.
  3. Shutterfly is No 1 if you wish to give the best photo gifts and decor by industry leaders.
  4. The website drops special coupons and offers frequently.

Cost: cost difference when you increase and decrease the minimum and maximum amounts pricing starts from $1.79 and ends around $54.85.

Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising

Do you want to see photos off your device and into real life? Visit the artifact uprising. Katie Thurmes, Jenna Walker, and Matt Walker founded this in 2012.

Artifact Uprising makes your photos powerful and lasting. They print out joy and happiness for you to enlighten the aura in your house. With it, you can create photo albums of the new offspring in your family or print out Photo prints to add to your wedding scrapbook.

Key Features

  1. With the help of the sort-out option, you can set out the images by – Date uploaded, date taken, and more options.
  2. With the text box open feature – you can edit the font, color, size, and more on the image.
  3. The longer the company will take for shipping is 10 business days.

Cost: the pricing starts from $149 for an 8.5×8.5 album with 20 pages and their largest album can be bought at $309.

CVS Print Photos Now

CVS Print Photos Now

CVS Photo printing is a same-day photo printing service provider, which let you order through the app on your mobile device and get your prints in the best quality delivered on the same day.

The application can run and orders can be placed on PCs too. Not only photo printing, but They also make cards, helping you create the most memorable gift for your loved ones.

Key Features

  1. You can place orders through both Androids and iOS devices.
  2. It has editing tools to filter your photos and make more Alterations.
  3. If a store near you is affiliated with the brand, you can have an opportunity to pick up the order at the nearest store.
  4. If the gallery is not working for you, you can add photos from social media and other websites too.
  5. Shipping of the order is done safely with precautions taken to avoid any damage to the precious item inside.

Cost: the starting cost to print pictures from CVS is 37¢.

Final words

Groovebook was a good application for printing out photos for photo books. But, with its shutdown, consumers simply cannot stop printing the photos. The above list of Photobook apps are the best Photobook apps like Groovebook.

The pricing is reasonable for all the Photobook apps listed above and they are among the leading printing services providers. The quality can never be compromised and you can get a clear picture of your happy life for the future.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the best app for picture books?

Snapfish Photo Selection, Landscape mode, Photobook Overview, Selecting Photo book Layout are a few of the best apps for picture books produced for iPhones, Androids and iPads.

Is Shutterfly the same as Groovebook?

No. Shutterfly and Groovebook are not similar. Groovebook used to work under Shutterfly company as a subsidiary firm.

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  1. teresa Keller says:

    This is a great list. Thanks for doing it.

    The best parts about the groove book photos were that you could tear out the photos or leave them in the book. They were not embellished at all. Just simple photos. No extras. Just the date at the top. That’s what I’m looking for. Just simple. Removable if wanted pics, in some sort of bound thing. I don’t want a million different envelopes full of free prints. Hard to find something so similar.

  2. Pat Ivins says:

    I am lost without Groovebook – I am a scrapbooker – Groovebook filled the niche I needed for scrapbooking.
    I was with Groovebook just after they started their business .
    Thank you for this comparison of different companies But they just don’t compare – I am willing to pay more for Groovebook services.

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