6 Anime like Devil’s Line to Watch Right Now [2023]

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Anime like Devil’s Line: Have you ever been interested in well-known supernatural creatures like vampires and werewolves? If so, then have you also searched for some similar anime and ended up finding some rare yet interesting anime like Devil’s Line?

About Devil’s Line

Devil’s Line has vampires walking around on the streets carefree, living within humanity as a part of it. The highlight is that they don’t need blood to live but hyper emotions can maybe raise their blood lust – turning them into berserk monsters. Tsukasa Taira is a 22-year-old university student, who learns about the existence of vampires when his longtime good friend reveals himself to be one, after a serious conflict with Yuuki Anzai, a vampire, and human hybrid. 

Although her friend gets arrested, Tsukasa is now directed toward Anzai who is hesitantly returning her feelings. But, things get complicated even before settling when Anzai starts to struggle to control a certain part of him that wishes to devour Tsukasa mercilessly. 

Devil’s Line is certainly a beautiful romantic anime with enough action. In case you have already tried it and wish to know more shows like Devil’s Line then buckle up because we are going to take you for a ride below – where we have listed 6 amazing anime like Devil’s Line!

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul Anime like Devil's Line
  • Episodes: 24
  • Premiered: 4 July 2014
  • Genre: Horror, Action, and Drama
  • IMDB: 7.8/10
  • Where to watch: Netflix and Hulu

Tokyo Ghoul includes Ken Kaneki, an awkwardly introverted and reserved university student who is not interested in the news showing the growing crisis of flesh-eating ghouls but buries his nose in books and studies all the time. These ghouls are identical to human beings and are blending in with the population. 

But, when one day a beautiful woman named Rize Kamishiro asked him on a date, he just couldn’t refuse the offer. Taking her proposal, he goes along with her plan for the date. However, while walking home, Kaneki suspects Kize of her sinister purpose because she doesn’t seem as kind as she was before.

After a tragic incident of Kize revealing her true identity as a ghoul, Kaneki wakes up in a hospital bed – with a shocking news that his life was saved by transplanting Kize’s organs into his body. Due to now having organs from one more species – Kaneki’s body begins to transform into something different and he realizes that now he is a human-ghoul hybrid.

Finally, after he admits that he’s no longer a normal human being, he accepts himself and embraces a new journey – but is stubborn about evolving as only humans, getting involved in humanity’s and ghoul’s conflicts automatically.

Although it doesn’t contain romance, it can still be called one of the best anime like Devil’s Line because of the similarities found in plot and vibes.


Hellsing Anime
  • Episodes: 13
  • Premiered: 10th October 2001
  • Genre: Horror, Action, and Adventure
  • IMDB: 7.8/10
  • Where to watch: Netflix, Funimation, and Crunchyroll

Hellsing: is an organization known to deal with supernatural problems. They are currently dealing with destroying a vampire that is going around rampant in villages and turning the citizens into ghouls. To put an end to this, the leader of the organization Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing sends off her strongest fighter – a powerful vampire himself called Alucard to fight.

Alucard has a single handgun and with just that weapon, he takes care of all the monsters afflicting the city. Meanwhile, a young police official, Seras Victoria gets caught up in the mess and becomes critically wounded. Feeling pity for the young life, Alucard offers her a deal – she can either die as a human or choose a life of a vampire and work for Hellsing, to which she immediately agrees on becoming one like Alucard.

But, becoming a vampire has its struggle. Further in the story, you will see her struggling to keep up with her new body and embracing it, realizing each time that she is no longer a human.

Mostly because of the vampires involved, Hellsing can be known as one of the best animes like Devil’s Line. 

Dance in the Vampire Bund

Dance in the Vampire Bund Anime
  • Episodes:12
  • Premiered: 7 January 2010
  • Genre: Action, Romance, Supernatural, and Drama
  • IMDB: 6.6/10
  • Where to watch: Crunchyroll and Funimation

Dance in the Vampire Bund starts when Mina Tepes, leader of all vampires introduces herself and the presence of vampires across the world and states her plan of creating a refuge in Japan for vampires, with its name – Vampire Bund. In exchange for agreeing to build a safe place for fellow creatures, she has to pay the nation’s debt using her family’s money.

On the other hand, everyone is entirely impacted by her idea as after her announcement, it raises several conflicts among humans, stating that she wants anything but peace to prevail in the country. Meanwhile, we have Akira Kaburagi, someone who doesn’t like to talk about vampires and merrily doesn’t believe they even exist, although he still doesn’t know why. 

He is living a peaceful life, except he got into an accident about a year ago and faced a head injury. Then, he bumps into Mina, who sparks some memories he had long forgotten and he starts protecting her without knowing why, although he still doesn’t like vampires.

Soon, he realizes that he is not just a human but a werewolf who has vowed to take care of the vampire queen, even if he has to die in the process. From there on, he continue the journey with Mina and finds himself growing closer to the queen gradually. 

Indeed, it is one of the must-watch anime similar to Devil’s Line, clearly because of having similar action from vampires and romance with good scenes of drama involved.

Vampire Knight 

Vampire Knight Anime
  • Episodes: 26
  • Premiered: 7 April 2008
  • Genre: Romance, Horror, Drama, and Adventure 
  • IMDB: 7.3/10
  • Where to watch: Netflix and Crunchyroll

Vampire Knight includes the tale of Yuuki Cross and Zero Kiryuu, two members of the disciplinary committee, responsible for housing two distinct classes –the day class and the night class. The job of these pairs is to uphold a proper order between different classes whenever they switch.

The responsibility may not look like a big issue because the day class is entirely unaware of the fact that the night class, the well-known beautiful students are vampires. Meanwhile, 10 years ago, Yuuki was saved from a sudden vampire strike by Kaname Kuran, a pureblood vampire. 

Now, Kaname is the leader appointed for the night class and since Yuuki is on the disciplinary committee, she gets to see him often – the situation helping her feelings to grow complicated towards the pureblood vampire.

On the other hand, we have Zero, who doesn’t like the very existence of vampires and believes they can never live in peace and harmony with humans. However, when his secret from past comes into view in front of the Academy, it entirely threatens the peace of the school. 

Vampire Knight is a beautiful story involving two supernatural creatures, a vampire and a werewolf with romance, drama, and action striking at good timings, thus making it one of the most interesting anime like Devil’s Line. 

Death Note 

Death Note Anime
  • Episodes: 37
  • Premiered: 4 October 2006
  • Genre: Horror, Drama, Thriller, and Mystery
  • IMDB: 9/10
  • Where to watch: Netflix

Death Note includes the story of an introverted 17-year-old Japanese student named Light Yagami who has to witness several robberies, murders, and violence polluting his human world. In contrast, the world of death gods has a similarity, including the usual gambling and chaos. Among them, a dead god named Ryuk and Light share the same belief – their worlds are rotten.

Bored from his world, Ryuk throws his book of death on the earth which ends up in the hands of Light. The book says – whoever’s name is written on its pages, that person is sure to die. Not believing in mere words, Light decides to test the book and therefore, writes the name of his recent bully. To his surprise, the person dies – although an unusual death.

Recognizing the power of the book and the dead God along his side, he set on a journey to wipe out each evil-doer in this world according to his plans. However, he’s not aware that a smart detective named L is already chasing him. Further in the story, the two will clash and we will get to see some good action. 


Parasyte Anime
  • Episodes: 24
  • Premiered: 8 October 2014
  • Genre: Horror, Action, and Science Fiction 
  • IMDB: 8.3/10
  • Where to watch: Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Netflix

Parasyte welcomes the sudden arrival of parasitic aliens upon the earth as they enter human beings by digging deep into the brains of weak targets. These creatures are said to take complete control of humans and can be molded into various forms to feed on their prey.

Shinichi Izumi, a 16-year-old school student is one of the victims of parasites but it fails to reach his brain and ends up taking control of his right hand. Now unable to change hosts, the parasite named Migi has no other choice but to rely on the boy to survive.

From there on, both are forced to help each other stay alive and fight against the aliens, rapidly spreading across humanity.

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