101+ Funny Among Us Name Ideas (Among Us Name Generator)

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Everyone wants Best, Funny, Creative and Unique name for their Among Us Character. Here, we bring the Top 100+ best among us name ideas for your Among Us character. You will certainly find these usernames attractive and fun. These are the result of best Among us name generator.

Among Us game is getting popular day by day, it became the most downloaded game of the 2020 in Playstore. However, Among Us deserve this success because of its interesting multiplayer concept.

Here is the complete list of Top 100+ Unique Funny name ideas for Among Us.

Among Us Name Ideas:

List of best name ideas for Among Us..

  1. See I
  2. Told U I
  3. Bye I
  4. Haha I
  5. U Idiots I
  6. U Fools I
  7. Forgive Me I
  8. I Wish I
  9. Oh No I
  10. Rip I
  11. No one
  12. Imposter

These all names are looking funny because when you will get ejected it will show as “See I was not an Imposter”, “No one is ejected” and “Imposter was an Imposter”.

  1. Your Dad
  2. Your Bro
  3. Ded
  4. Stepmom
  5. Step bro
  6. Step dad

Here is the username related to the family relations. You can understand why it is funny.

  1. Who
  2. Why me
  3. I’m not
  4. I saw
  5. Innocent
  6. Idk who
  7. Vote me
  8. Where
  9. Its u
  10. Task
  11. Sabotaged
  12. Vent
  13. Crewmate
  14. Everyone

These names are quite confusing in Among Us. You can use it for creating confusion in meetings. Like “Idk who was an Imposter”.

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among us name ideas

You can also use a random color name that does not match your character’s color to create confusion.

Blank/Invisible Name

Here are the some extra hilarious name ideas for Among Us.

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Your Ex
  3. Corona
  4. John Cena
  5. I vented
  6. Fall guys
  7. FBI
  8. Covid
  9. JeSUS
  10. Why r u running
  11. Obama
  12. Sherlock
  13. SuperMan
  14. Noob
  15. Actor
  16. Pretender
  17. Robin Wood
  18. Oh My Dog
  19. Banana
  20. President
  21. ROFL
  22. Sanitizer
  23. SpaceRuler
  24. P. Ennis
  25. Dr. Fartz
  26. LMAO
  27. Santa
  28. Don’t Kill me
  29. Grandfather
  30. Spoidermun
  31. Destroyer
  32. 24×7
  33. F. You
  34. BlackLiveMatters
  35. FastNFurious
  36. SpaceVisitor
  37. Air
  38. Corona Go
  39. Bruh
  40. Simp
  41. SkyWalker
  42. Santa
  43. BadKarma
  44. BoneCracker
  45. UnderTaker
  46. DigBick
  47. Beggar
  48. Poor
  49. Bill Gates
  50. Zuck
  51. Rocketman
  52. UnderWear
  53. Traitor
  54. Let’s Party
  55. Apple CEO
  56. Hippokissi
  57. Mango
  58. Among Us Founder
  59. ColorBlind
  60. Devil
  61. Boom Boom
  62. Bad Smell
  63. Cash or Check?
  64. Vaccine
  65. Tablet
  66. Social Distancing
  67. PewD
  68. Yo
  69. Hmm
  70. Buffalo
  71. Black Bull

So, this is a complete list of 101+ Among Us best, funny, simple, hilarious and new character name ideas. Hopefully, you will get the best and appropriate name for your Among Us Character.

You can also comment your favorite character name in the comment section below.

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How to Change Name in Among Us?

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  • Open the Among Us Game.
  • Start the Online Mode.
  • You can see the name box above the Host.
  • Click on that box and enter the name whatever you want.

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    How about, “Oh idiots I told you I wasn’t guilty! I also told u I”
    This will show
    Oh idiots I told you I wasn’t guilty! I also told u I wasn’t An Impostor.

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