Amazon Prime Video License Error [Ways to Fix]

Amazon Prime Video License Error

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Issue: Amazon Prime Video License Error

Several Amazon Prime Video users have been encountering a license error from last some days. Because of the license error, Prime app users are unable to access any show in the app.

However, there is not any official statement provided by the Amazon Prime officials. Hence, after doing some research, we manage to find out some quick solution to fix these issues.

Explained: Amazon Prime Video License Error

Cause of Amazon License Error

Amazon Prime Video License Error issue is happening because of the internal issues or server down. Hence, this issue is a temporary and cross platform.

The error message is shown as:

Video unavailable

We’ve encountered problem with this video.

Please try again. If this problem continues, please contact Amazon Customer Service at htps://


Fix: Amazon Prime Video License Error

You need to follow the next instructions to get rid of the license error.

Wait for Sometime

As we said earlier, prime license error is essentially related to the server down or temporary internal bug. Therefore, we suggest, wait for a while until the issue gets automatically resolved.

Additionally, you can also check the various forums or downdetector to check issue is global or not.

If the problem is not with the server, follow the methods described below to resolve the problem.

Check for update

If you are using the out dated app, it may responsible for the license error, hence make sure you are using the latest version of the Amazon Prime Video app.

If your app is up to date, there may be other reasons for the problem. Just follow the next instructions.

Reboot your device

Some people resolve this error by just restarting their device. So, just turn your device off and start again. After restart, open the app and try to watch the video again. If the issue is still hasn’t fixed, move to the next instructions.

Redownload video

You can also try to resolve the issue by removing the downloaded video and download it again. After doing it, if the issue is still exists, move to the further instructions.

Reinstall the Prime Video App

Another way to fix the license error is to reinstall the Prime video app. For that, you need to uninstall it and download + install it again on your device.

Hopefully, any of the above method will help you resolve the issue. If that doesn’t work, the last option is to contact Amazon Prime Video Contact Support.

You can contact and complain about your issue by visiting here:


Amazon Prime Video License Error is usually happens because of the server down. Hence, this issue is temporary and multi-platform. In this article, we explained all the information and ways to fix license error.

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