Amazon Prime Error Code 6084 [How to Fix]

Amazon Prime Error Code 6084 fix

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Many Amazon Prime users are experiencing Amazon Prime Error Code 6084. Due to this error, Amazon Prime users are unable to open or login into the Amazon App.

The error message is shown as “Problem occurred. We’re unable to process your request. Please try again later or contact Amazon Customer Service at Error Code 6084”.

How to Fix: Amazon Prime Error Code 6084

You need to follow the below instructions to fix the Amazon Prime Error 6084.

Reopen Amazon Prime App

Sometimes the error is temporary and you simply have to close the app and reopen it first. If issue is temporary, it will be fixed. If it do not work, follow the next instructions.

Restart Smart TV

Your issue might be related to the device, hence you need to completely restart your Smart TV. Follow below steps to perform restart on your Smart TV.

  • Turn Off & Unplug your Smart TV.
  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • Plug in back & Start the Smart TV.

Now, check for the issue, it is still happening or not.

Update your Device & Amazon Prime App

Make sure your Smart TV and Amazon Prime app are up to date. If both are not updated, you may encounter error code 6084. Therefore, please update your Smart TV and App completely.

Check Internet Connection

Sometimes, your poor internet connection may responsible for the Error 6084 in Amazon Prime. Hence, you need to ensure your internet connection is working perfectly.

You can restart your router or disconnect all the device to improve the internet quality.

Wait for Sometime

Sometimes, the problem could be global and temporary. Therefore, you should wait for few time until the error is getting fixed.

Check Forums

You can also check the various Forums and Amazon Community to getting the more information regarding your issue.

Contact Support

If any of the above ways do not work, you need to contact to the Amazon Prime support. You need to visit here to get contact information:

Hopefully, any of the above method will helped you to resolve your issue. If you are getting other issues related to the Amazon Prime, feel free to comment it on the comment section below.


Amazon Prime Error Code 6084 represents issue related to the App not working. In this article, we explained all the information and fix regarding error 6084.

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